Gold Spot Prices

What We Pay

Most Paid For Gold (MPFG) pays you the MOST for your precious metals and diamonds. It’s important to note, the price of these valuables changes daily, which is reflected in how much you get paid.

At MPFG we use grams instead of pennyweight to appraise your gold. Each gram is 1.5 pennyweight which means more money in your pocket and you leave knowing you got the most possible for your jewelry!

Get Paid The Most for Your Gold

Get Paid The MOST For Your Gold, Silver, Platinum And Diamonds!

When you make the decision to sell gold, you want to make sure you are dealing with a reputable, honest, and fair company that will stand by its claims and pay you the MOST for your jewelry.

MPFG is the best place to sell jewelry and has built its reputation on being transparent and honest with the way business is done and that means you get the best possible experience when working with us. This experience is something you simply can’t get at a pawn shop or other jeweler.

Why Should I Use MPFG?

Selling gold for cash is on the rise. Prices for gold continue to rise which means you will get more today than ever before! MPFG gives you a quick, simple and secure way to have your jewelry appraised and get paid.

MPFG uses methods that are simple and easy to understand when appraising your jewelry:

  1. We evaluate your jewelry for precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or diamonds.
  2. We examine and determine the purity of your precious metals.
  3. We calculate the total weight of your precious metal using grams, not pennyweight like most jewelers.
  4. We also calculate and determine if your item is considered an antique, luxury brand or has numismatic value.

MPFG does all this for you and backs it with a risk free, no obligation guarantee!

If you aren’t happy with your offer, we send you back your jewelry, FREE!