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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that selling gold can be confusing. Prices change every day and depending on who you sell your gold to, you may not get the full value of your jewelry.

Most Paid For Gold (MPFG) is a family owned and operated business. We build long-term relationships with our clients. Based on our decades of experience and feedback from our clients, we have been able to put together a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will help you.

Naturally, should anything not appear on this list and you still need an answer, reach out to us directly at 408-900-6739


After confirming the quote we provide to you, accepting the terms of sale, and choosing a payment method, you get paid within 24 hours! We have a few methods to pay you for your jewelry!

Cash is king! Walk out of our store, paid on the spot.

Use your credit to purchase any item in our beautiful store located in San Jose!

Venmo / Zelle:
Here at MPFG, we know online payment can be the fastest and safest way for many of our clients. We can pay you for your jewelry using Venmo or Zelle! When you trust us to purchase precious metals from you, we provide you with a customized quote based on what it is that you are selling and after accepting our quote, you get paid within 24 hours! Honest, trustworthy and fast! These are the reasons our clients keep coming back!